1. Сopyright (License number)

When working with any product purchased on our website, your task is to indicate the following type of copyright

© Author Nickname
url site EleganceFly.com
Your ELF_Nickname

2. Balance replenishment

Before you start buying the goods you like, you need to replenish your balance on the site. If at this point you have already collected your cart, you need to update it. You can do this by reloading the page.

1. Go to your Profile.

 2. Your current balance is shown here.

 3. Go to the balance section to replenish.

     4. Enter the amount you intend to credit to the balance. Your amount should be without specifying the “$” sign or other currencies.

     5. Click to go to the PayPal quick payment page.

Now you can proceed to the purchase of goods

3. Purchase of goods

6. Once you have filled your shopping cart, click to go to your shopping cart for checkout

7. Click on the button to go to the information and payment page

8. Confirm that you have read and agree with privacy policy and terms of use

9. Pay for goods using your balance on our website

10. Full information about the transaction and the purchased files are available for downloads


To access your purchased files again at any time go to your profile again

11. selected button Downloads

12. On the left are the files you bought
On the right are links to these files available for re download