How to find out your license (License number)?

When working with any product purchased on our website, you need to indicate the following type of copyright: © Author Nickname ; url site ; Your ELF_Nickname (Display Name).

1. How to get started on the EleganceFly website?

Just write to us in any social network convenient for you and provide some examples of your work or a link to your portfolio.

2. Who can work on the site?

Digital artists possessing a technique similar in style to the art on the website or on our instagram.
As well as Scrap Kits Designers and Resellers.

3. What is a rating system and why is it needed?

Rating is a measure of your sales. The higher it is, the more revenue you get from each sale. And also you rise in the rating of authors, which allows you to always be in sight of buyers. Artists who have received five stars have the opportunity to participate in other EleganceFly commercial projects.

4. What is a personal profile balance and what is its purpose?

This is the internal currency of the site. Funds from the sale of your products will go to your personal balance. Using your personal balance, you can make purchases on the site or withdraw the earned funds to your paypal account or payment card, etc.
You can replenish your balance using a paypal or by selling your products on the site, as well as participating in contests with a corresponding reward.

5. Withdrawing funds from the balance.

To withdraw funds from your balance to your personal account, you must use the payot button in your personal account (, indicating the amount. Funds are credited to your account within 24 hours.

6. What is the difference between the catalogs presented on the Tubes website. R4R. Author’s set, etc.

Tubes – can contain up to three types of licenses (about them in the next paragraph). Typically, this catalog sells characters, people and animals.
R4R – contains one type of license. Has a limit on the number of copies (up to 15 copies). Products from this catalog are intended for re-harvesting on other resources with the copyright of the artist preserved. Typically, this catalog sells characters, people, animals and sets of thematic elements.
Author’s Sets – contains a license for commercial use in the virtual space, but cannot be resold in the original configuration. As a rule, only sets of thematic elements are sold in this catalog.
Resale Products – contains a license for commercial use in the virtual space. Designed for resale of goods from the R4R catalog in png format.
Scrap Kits – Contains a license for personal use. Designed for the sale of design kits with which you can create various designs for the virtual space.
Timeline Design – contains a license for personal use. This is a ready-made design for virtual space, social networks. The product was created based on the products of the R4R catalog.
Free Gift – contains licenses for personal use. In this catalog, goods are provided absolutely free of charge, a good opportunity to get acquainted with the products of other authors of the site.

7. What are the differences between product licenses?

You can read everything about licenses and their description here !!! (
Standard – for personal use in digital space,
Extended – for personal use in the digital space, as well as for printing on items not for commercial distribution / sale.
Unlimid – allows you to create goods for further mass commercial distribution – printing house, souvenirs, design.
R4R – for commercial use in the virtual space, as well as for printing on items not for commercial distribution / sale.
Commercial Use – for commercial use in the digital space, as well as for printing on items not for commercial distribution / sale.

8. What do the abbreviations mean – CU, PU, R4R?

CU – commercial use
PU – personal use
R4R – resale for resale

9. Matching

This is a product type from the Scrap Kits catalog. are intended for personal use only. created specifically for a specific product from the Tubes catalog, the combination of these products allows you to create thematic designs and postcards. It also facilitates cross-selling.

10. In what format are products sold on the site

Depending on the type of license, these can be raster images in png or psd format previously archived in zip format (Important – not rar).

11. How to make a purchase on the site?

In order to start buying goods on the site, you first need to register. You can pay for the goods using your paypal or personal balance on the site. If you have a problem with payment, write to us at, or leave your message through the contact form (

12. Can I change my nickname / mail / License number?

Going into your profile, you can change your personal data at any time convenient for you.

13. Where can I download my purchased product?

On your personal profile under Dowloads (

14. After an unsuccessful purchase, the entire basket was dropped – what should I do?

By going to your personal profile in the Orders section, you can see a list of your orders, including unsuccessful ones. There you can also use the opportunity to repeat the checkout / payment of an order with a previously assembled basket.

15. Where to go in case of problems?

Using “Contact Us” on the site ( or any social network convenient for you (Indicated in the lower left corner of the site)
or send a letter to our corporate mail